(Deep Sugar, SoulMob, Red Maple)

A true scholar of dance music, Danny Techlove is a DJ that respects the sounds of the past while recognizing the need for new and innovative music. Danny’s musical influences are as eclectic as his range, with roots in Baltimore’s old school (parties like Citrus Club at Orpheus, Buzz, Fever, and Sonic Soul events) as well as the latest sounds coming out of the mid-Atlantic and the world today. He can be seen regularly playing at many of Baltimore’s premier dance clubs and events, and has managed to build a reputation as one of Baltimore’s finest.

In addition to his skills in the DJ booth, Techlove brings with him an unparalleled ear for music. His unrivaled determination to continue pushing the envelope of what we hear in the club keeps his fans coming back for more. Even before Danny took his passion to the decks, he was long known as an authority on what was new and on the forefront in underground music, and his sets craft a mix of soulful sounds, minimal deep house, and dirty techno.

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