The Wetsteppers


(Essence, Light It Up Productions, 3D Productions, B.A.D.A.S.S., Good Vibes Promo, BassTasty)

The Wetsteppers formed in September of 2008. Composed of two DJ’s, Jess Rabbit and Jake Amora. Jess Rabbit originally from Harrisburg, PA grew her name as a hip hop DJ in downtown Harrisburg. After she was introduced to the underground EDM scene in about 2006 she began becoming very interested in the artistry of beats. From there she began playing all over the tri-state area for private underground massives to huge clubs, and warehouses she is always sure to get the dance floor moving and the party hyped. Her Fusion style of integrating dirty dutch and booty popping breakbeats with grimey bassline and popping fidget always keeps the crowd moving. Jake Amora coming from the Baltimore area fell into the EDM scene after introduction to the music from Charles Feelgood. From there he began going out to parties and fell in love with the dance floor moving beats. In late 2007 he began DJing with the help of Monsterz Under the Bed. Later in the summer of 2008 he began Essence Productons with Natasha Trade. Having the chance to play all through out the Baltimore and the tri-state area for crowds large and small he knows exactly how to handle the vibe of the room with his fusion style of pumping fidget, bassline electro, hyped club, floor moving break beats, and mind boggling dubstep. Jake and Jess met in the fall of 2007. They began playing together as The Wetsteppers in the Fall of 2008. Having the chance to play events with lot’s of veteran DJ’s including: Proper Villians, Oh Snap!, Angel Alanis, Frankie Bones, Proxy and Lantern, Jen Lasher, Monsterz Under the Bed, Simply Jeff, Sick Boy, DJ Irene, Baby Anne, Shortee, Faust, Reid Speed, AK1200, Uberzone, Deekline, Fort Knox Five, Messinian, NumberNin6, Danny the Wildchild, Venom, Heavygrinder, Faust, Shortee, Urban Assualt, DJ Rap, DB, Dara, Figure and many others they know just how to hold their own! Playing in clubs from New York to Miami. Together they draw a huge crowd, get the floor moving, keep the crowd hyped, and pump hot beats. And then right when you think it’s over they take it up another level! Get ready to get Wetstepped, We hope you like it dirty…