Trisha Benton

Trisha Benton

(Alternate Seduction)

The vocalist/lyricist for the electronic group Alternate Seduction, got her start in music at the ripe age of 14, singing and playing the acoustic guitar at beach-side venues in Maryland and Delaware. After graduating college in 2005 with degrees in political science and environmental issues and then 2 years as a professional grassroots organizer with PIRG, she shifted gears and decided to bring her new skills into music.

Now about 2 years deep in electronic music, Trisha has an EP out as well as some single releases. She performs live with DJ/producer Adam Dutch Durham, as well as with a fully live electronic band, and sometimes feature back up dancers and other special guests.

She hopes to travel the world writing and performing music. From pool side parties to downtown digs, what better way to see the world than with her own soundtrack?

Alternate Seduction