Upcoming Events

The BMC works with several venues, promotional companies and organizations throughout the year to keep bringing great dance music to Baltimore!

For some we’re the idea people, the liaison for permits & licensing, doing the leg work, making the contacts and/or quietly behind the scenes making things happen.
For some parties we provide a bar set up with full staffing and for others we collaborate on the bookings, the venue and overall party.
For all though, we support what they do as they support what we do

Check here to see events which we’re producing, promoting, involved with, participating in and/or supporting!



Reviews & Remarks:

Thank you for choosing to have your event at E-Villa! What a great crowd, and the entire staff had a great time! We were ready to keep on partying with everyone until the sun came up! =) I heard several of our patrons say it was their favorite night at E-Villa thus far. Thanks again! xo
Katie Hutchinson – after MIXOLOGY – It’s Casual

Great mix of djs also Lisa. The music was fantastic!!!!!
Harold EdensLounge Edwards – after MIXOLOGY – It’s Casual

DJ software + controller = $200ish
Maschine = $400
Gas to Baltimore = $50
The chance to DJ an epic night at the Mixology Festival = Priceless
Thanks for having me, Lisa Chaplin Suit! It was truly a pleasure.

Ingvar Jacobson – played MIXOLOGY – It’s Casual

Good Times w/ da crew…. Glad I could get my dance on to some Ol Skool Tunes….Ah yess, that was Plastic Dreams, Perculator, & Slick Rick.
Christine L. Flora after MIXOLOGY – ANOMALY with Frankie Bones

Def a awesome way to share the music!
Sis E B Bonebrake – MIXOLOGY – B.A.M.M.

Thanks so much for hosting an event I can not only go to but bring my lil girls out to dance with me… and on top of that booking one of my fave djs. You guys rock. Keep up the excellent work 🙂
Mikki Mennihats – from the MIXOLOGY fan page

Many thanks to all those who made this event happen! It is a memory that my daughter and I will cherish forever. I got my dance on, HARD… and my six-year-old is now officially a candy raver. Lol 🙂
Mikki Mennihats – after B.A.M.M.

You guys got it right.
UsCollective (Formerly known as UpstateRaveCore) – from the MIXOLOGY fan page

‘Happy birthday to me!
Starting it off right with a sweet party in baltimore and an Amtrak ride into Penn Station NYC. Gonna spend the day to my head in Manhattan and then go see Soul Clap tonight! Thank you for all the love. Thank you for your sweet wishes.
I love you so baad!’

Sunshine Jones
Dubtribe | TreeHouse Muzique
Posted after playing the BMC’s “A Night of Sunshine” at Club Orpheus

‘just got in from the party wiked vibes it look like baltimore dnb is back baby’
Formation Records | World of Drum n Bass
Posted on Facebook after playing at the BMC’s REVIVAL party