Billy Quest

Billy Quest came from the west coast to Washington, D.C. in 2009. He quickly began DJing on a regular basis at some local hot spots. He plays several times a week because of his ability to read the crowd and make amazing transitions to match any situation.

He also has worked with Mr.Greene,Sammy AsramK ,DJ Ash,Cesar Sanchez,DBK,Tony Smooth, Charles Martin, Dan Sampson, LJ MTX, Dj Kam Dj Kenny Hollywood Hart,Lickashot, DJ Fotifo, as well as beginning to build relationships with other peers such as Sonny Cheeba,DJ Octane,Molly Ruland, Sam Burns and Manifesto.

Billy Quest grew up listening to and playing several instruments with his father. He has always loved the deep tones of progressive rock and electronic music. He got his first guitar when he was 4 and has been playing music since then. Being influenced by a Peter Gabriel/Genesis’s style of progressive music with classical and jazz undertones he wanted to play music that moved in that direction and that’s when he found house music.

Billy Quest remains on the forefront of the scene and is always increasing his sound collection . He has been collecting Top 40, hip hop, trance, tribal house, progressive house, minimal house, deep vocal house, down tempo and also commercial house. His wide array of dance music and ability to work any crowd continue to shine through and land him more gigs. He is member a part of One Love Massive,a music collective of amazing DJ’s/Artist and also founder and member of Tsunami Nightlife.